Aquacast Comes Home

My Personal Experience with AquaCast

I have been employed with Mosher Medical for 15 years now.  I work with the Acumed inventory and also I process our Aquacast Waterproof cast liner shipments.  I knew of the benefits of having a waterproof cast liner for patients yet I never imagined that I would get to experience them first hand. After coming home from a church event one December evening I discovered that my daughter had broken her arm from falling off a chair in the kitchen.  The staff at Akron Children’s Hospital took excellent care of her and put mom’s nerves at ease as well.  I was relieved when the doctor offered Aquacast Waterproof cast liner for application under her Fiberglass cast.

aquacast waterproof cast liner
Resting at home with Aquacast and AquaBear

Why AquaCast is the Best Option

There are many options of cast liner out there for doctors and staff to choose from. Non waterproof items prevent the patient from getting the cast wet and can create headaches for patients and parents if is does get wet. Bags and water resistant options are available as well but still require extra caution and or accessories when preparing to get the cast wet.

cast you can get wet
It's ok to get it wet!

The great thing about AquaCast is that you can get it wet. In fact, patients are encouraged to do so. Washing your hands, showering, bathing and swimming are all allowed. I was so happy to hear that and had peace of mind knowing we could keep up good hand washing practices even with her cast on. Additionally the Aquacast Waterproof cast liner seemed less irritating to our daughter than a traditional cast might have been. It was nice as a parent to be able to offer her some relief when she complained of discomfort by rinsing her cast with cool clean water.

When it was time to remove our daughter’s cast I was curious what the inside would look like. Traditional casts can get pretty gross and stinky but I was very pleased to see how clean the inside of her cast liner looked. At the end of six weeks the area where the most wear appeared was near hand opening. While it is no fun for anyone to experience a broken bone having the AquaCast Waterproof cast liner in use for our daughter made the experience more bearable than we could have expected.

AquaCast cast liner clean after use
The AquaCast cast liner is clean after use

A Happy Ending

Once the cast was completely removed we were able to observe the skin condition as well. Everyone was happy to see her skin was in good condition. I obviously would recommend this product and would encourage parents and patients to ask your doctor for it if they don’t normally offer it.

Yay! All healed up.
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