AquaCast Waterproof Cast Liner

Broken bone? You can still sweat, shower, and swim with our waterproof cast liner!

Best Waterproof Cast for Adults - AquaCast Cast Liner

The best waterproof cast liner in the world. If you’ve broken a bone and want to remain active, an AquaCast Liner is the perfect solution for you. AquaCast is the fastest drying, most breathable and comfortable waterproof cast liner available. AquaCast products are not made with natural rubber latex.  The doctor or cast technician uses fiberglass wrap but replaces the cotton padding with AquaCast liner. If you’re a parent and your child has a broken bone ask your doctor about the AquaCast liner.  Your child can shower, swim, sweat and avoid the restrictions of a traditional cast with cotton padding.  If you are an active adult with a broken bone you too can enjoy the benefits of a waterproof cast. Patients or parents who search the web using the term “cast my child can swim in” or “cast I can get wet” found the AquaCast waterproof cast liner.  After wearing the cast doctors and patients realized the benefit of not having to worry about getting the cast wet, along with the benefit of improved skin condition versus a cast with cotton padding.  Contact Mosher Medical to find out where you can get a cast with AquaCast waterproof cast liner.

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